Traveling in an RV is a great way to see the country. Unfortunately, sometimesHeavy Duty Tow Services in Idaho Falls things go wrong. It can be as simple as aflat tire or a dead battery that only requires a minor service call. It can also be as bad as a major accident that will need a large flatbed truck to haul the wreckage away. When they are stranded on the side of the road, the motorist cannot call just any towing company. If they happen to be in eastern Idaho, their best choice is to call Eaton Towing. Eaton Towing provides 24 hour towing service in Idaho Falls and the surrounding area. They have the equipment to move nearly any vehicle, from motorcycles to the largest RV,whether it is still on the road or needs to be pulled out of the ditch. Their technicians will come at a moments notice to provide safe and professional heavy duty towing in Idaho Falls. With their larger equipment, they are able to provide Idaho Falls heavy duty Idaho Falls Heavy Duty Tow Servicetowing services. This includes towing vehicles the size and weight of the largest fire engine to where it needs to go. Having the right tow vehicle or flatbed available to do the job right is one of the cornerstones that they have based their business around. 24/7 Heavy Duty Towing Idaho Falls Their professional towing technicians offer swift and courteous service, no matter what they are called out to do. They will expertly hook up the vehicle to be towed, taking care that their straps and hooks do not cause any damage. They will gladly tow the vehicle to the destination that the customer chooses, whether that is a salvage yard, a repair shop, or the customer’s home. Even on the smallest service calls, such as a flat tire or keys locked in the car, they will respond quickly and treat the customer with respect. This focus on customer service and safety is what makes Eaton Towing the towing company that people can trust. From semi rigs and farm equipment to RVs and moving vans, Eaton Towing strives to offer the best heavy duty towing in Idaho Falls and eastern Idaho. Contact us today!  (208) 317-8787

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