Low-, Medium- and Heavy-duty Towing

Low-, Medium- and Heavy-duty Towing
Idaho Falls Eaton towing services are available at anytime of the day or night with a telephone call. When customers contact a towing company for their vehicle, it is important to request the right type of service to make the process smoother. There are three varieties of towing services available from Eaton Towing & Recovery.

1: What Is a Low-duty Towing Service?

When a driver needs to have a lightweight vehicle, such as a motorcycle or moped, removed from a highway after an accident, it is essential to notify the representative of a towing company. These types of vehicles have a lower weight than most vehicles do, but a tow truck’s driver will need to have specialized devices available for moving, lifting, and stabilizing the device on a flatbed trailer. An Idaho Falls towing expert wants to protect their customer’s lightweight vehicle from additional damage during the transportation process.

2: What Is Medium-duty Towing?

The majority of automobiles and trucks on the road will require medium-duty service from an Eaton towing Idaho Falls technician. For this service, a tow truck company has numerous specialized vehicles and flatbeds available to pull or load an average-size vehicle. Medium-duty towing typically includes any vehicle that weighs up to 12 tons, but when a customer doesn’t know the exact weight of their automobile, they can just provide the make and model of a vehicle to help a tow truck company understand if medium-duty towing equipment is suitable.

3: Understanding Heavy-duty Towing Idaho Falls Services

Today, there are numerous heavy-duty vehicles on the road, and when a recreational vehicle or larger truck breaks down, a driver must request a particular type of towing service. Heavyweight vehicles such as campers or trucks that weigh more than 12 tons are typically longer and wider, requiring a specialized tow truck or flatbed trailer for safe transportation to a repair shop. In some cases, a heavy-duty flatbed trailer is also suitable for transporting multiple vehicles that have been damaged on a highway.

Call a Professional Towing Company In Idaho

To learn more about the different types of towing services available in Idaho, call Eaton Towing & Recovery at anytime of the night or day. A representative will always answer a telephone call to help a customer who needs their vehicle towed due to a breakdown or collision. Call Eaton Towing & Recovery at 208-317-8787 for assistance.

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