What is a towing service?
A Towing service is a specialized service, which usually offers emergency service and vehicle towing.

Why do you look for one?
For heavy equipment transportation or for roadside assistance.  You might need light duty towing service, or a flatbed,  or even accident recovery.

Where do you find good towing service?
Eaton Towing in Idaho Falls will help you to find the finest towing service in the Idaho Falls area.  Whether a accident or a road side assistance , you should prefer licensed towing service .

History about Towing

In 1916, the towing industry was born in the city of Chattanooga, after Ernest Holmes, Sr., a local Chattanoogan, helped a friend retrieve his car with 3 poles, a pulley and a chain hooked to the frame of a 1913 Cadillac. Holmes began manufacturing wreckers and towing equipment for sale to automotive garages and anyone interested in retrieving and towing wrecked or disabled autos after patenting his invention.

Just a few blocks from the museum, he built his first manufacturing facility was a small shop on Market Street, As the auto industry expanded, Holmes’ business grew and eventually its products earned a worldwide reputation for their quality and performance. Ernest Holmes, Sr. died in 1943, and was succeeded by his son Ernest Holmes, Jr. who ran the company until he retired in 1973. Later that year, the company was sold to the Dover Corporation.


Also in 1973, the founder’s grandson, Gerald Holmes, left the company and started a new one, Century Wreckers. He constructed his manufacturing facility in nearby Ooltewah, Tennessee, and quickly rivaled the original company with his hydraulically powered wreckers. 
Assets of both companies were bought by Miller Industries which also bought other wrecker manufacturers. Miller has held on to the Century facility in Ooltewah where both Century and Holmes wreckers are presently manufactured. Miller also makes Challenger wreckers.